Who are We?

Digital Minds is a New Media Company. An expert team and state of the art technology. That’s what we offer to creators, content owners and brands: the people that trust us with their Digital future.

Our Vision

Become the leading multi-platform new media company in the emerging markets and leave a memorable path for how new media is created and consumed.

We Offer

A right mix of services needs the right mix of ingredients: a multi-platform ecosystem, promising the ultimate production and distribution of amazing digital stories throughout a huge community.

Our Team

With a multi-national team, local expertize and presence, we establish an even more powerful existence across video platforms. Take your pick from music, sports, comedy, gaming, beauty, entertainment and fashion.

Our People

  • Hi! I’m Kostas Chamalidis
    Founder & CEO.
    I'm the captain and not the boss. As a child I wanted to be a footballer or a filmmaker, but my talent wasn't appreciated. I am still trying to figure out why? Digital Minds is my first sailing boat that is looking for "out of the box" sailors. If you are looking for a job where all day you can watch videos and listen to music please give me a call!
  • Hi! I’m Giannis Stathopoulos
    Business Solutions Manager.
    I enjoy seeing new places. I prefer Coke to Pepsi. I eat my steak rare and I drink my beer cold. If I could, I would bring back dinosaurs. I watch…I think it’s called Apple watch.
  • Hi! I’m Christos Stamelos
    Finis Coronat Opus
  • Hi! I’m Kostas Papadakis
  • Hi! I’m Fotini Stathopoulou
    Account Director.
    In Digital Minds I work as an Account Director responsible for strategy & implementation of top creators’ & content owners’ projects. In-between, I try to find balance between yoga & party life. Workaholic, Netflix series junkie & gin lover. In winter I prefer bourbon, though my yoga self tries to cut down on all these bad habits!
  • Hi! I’m Veronica Soliman
    Account Manager.
    I’m a princess and a dreamer. I take ubers everywhere and I watch anything with a love story. I can’t live without rice and singing. I prefer BSB, Celine Dion and Mariah. I eat all my meals and snack in between. I drink tea, and wine. Of course.
  • Hi! I’m Giorgos Chamalidis
    YouTube Specialist.
    I’m crazy. I enjoy summer concerts in Ikaria. I eat cabbagerolls and I drink tequila, white not yellow. I watch lots of football and I can’t live without my phone and my friends. I’d prefer if you don’t fuc# my Friday’s.
  • Hi! I’m Panagiotis Chronopoulos
    Technology Operations Manager.
  • Hi! I’m Maritina Grelloni
    YouTube Brand Manager.
  • Hi! I’m Mark Anthony Palcone
    Video Uploader.
    I Am Who I Am. I love travelling in different countries. I watch a lot of basketball and I can’t live without basketball, my phone and my loved ones. I eat a lot of rice and pasta. I prefer watching highlight plays than watching it live and having FUN.
  • Hi! I’m Nastasia Tampakopoulou
    Account Executive.
    My name is Nastasia, the account holder! I watch YouTube trends all day long and try to understand the new challenges. My goal has always been to build and maintain strong and long-lasting customer relationships. Together we can develop new goals and identify areas of improvement to exceed the total metrics! Go You!
  • Hi! I’m Spyros Hamza
    Account Executive.
    I’m a dreamer. I watch lots of movies and tutorials about everything. I play the piano. I only dance to disco house. I drink vodka and wine. I prefer books to magazines and I can’t live without my hoverboard.
  • Hi! I’m Vasilis Kolios
    Video Production Manager.
    I believe I am batman but I’d rather be iron man. I watch anything that moves in front of my screen. I eat vegans and vegetarians and I drink Guinness. I prefer lightsabers than phasers, yes there is a difference.
  • Hi! I’m Anna Tsantarma
    Brand Account Executive.
    I wanna fly...while kitesurfing of course! I want to be a world champion in Kitesurfing one day... I love watching movies especially when I am not sleeping during them...I prefer summer to winter and I love hanging out with friends! I am not only a party animal but also a sports addict!
  • Hi! I’m Aggeliki Georgiadou
    Office Manager.
  • Hi! I’m Maria Memou
    SEM and PPC Specialist.
    I love travelling along with my camera, but I rarely visit museums. I prefer sea to mountain and summer to winter. I cannot live without music, friends, chocolate and ale beer! My favourite quote from The Little Prince: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."
  • Hi! I’m Dionisis Zagkas
    Community Executive.
    Οutgoing, Creative, Fun. I love food I hate Mondays; like real hatred. I am noisy, only because silence -sometimes- feels uncomfortable Life is about creating stories, and so am I. Most of the times you'll find me with my smartphone, listening to music and searching for great stories. * yum * Do you have one?
  • Hi! I’m Thomas Saplaouras
    Assistant Accountant.
    Ι m passionate with sports. I like to read many books, watch every new Marvel and DC serie and drink a lot of gin. My dream was to become a captain in a football team , but now i want to help my work team to achieve our goals. Give me a tasty steak and i will give you whatever you want.
  • Hi! I’m Christina Stournara
    Graphics Designer.
    This is the greatest and best short bio in the world. Tribute. Anything related to technology, sketching and paper-craft has always been my thing. I love anything related to space--you name it, I'm psyched. My quality chill time consists of playing WoW and listening to post-rock while leveling up my characters.Oh and druids ftw. Too long didn't read? Ha! gotcha.
  • Hi! I’m Yigitcan Erdogan
    Account Manager - Turkey.
    I've lived in four different cities in three different countries the past 10 years. Only four things remained constant through and through. Besiktas JK, diet coke, soft box Camels and digital media.
  • Hi! I’m Spiros Avgoustatos
    Data Analyst.
    My favorite superhero is the Flash,and yes i am a huge comic book fan and collector. I love Star Wars & Futurama. I prefer playing football than watching it. I like junk food and tidy excel files. So, If you want to make me happy bring me quality Data & a Burger with fries.
  • Hi! I’m George Kiriakidis
    YouTube Brand Manager.
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