Despite its dominance in online video, YouTube has shown a slow adaptation in mobile live streaming. 

Although Facebook and Instagram have embraced the 'broadcast anywhere' mentality, Google has stood true to its Hangouts and other desktop-focused streaming setups. But that's all about to change. 

YouTube mobile live streaming is now available for creators with over 10K subscribers! Mobile live streaming has been embedded into the YouTube mobile app so there is no need to download it as a separate app.

With mobile live streaming you will be able to build a stronger community by creating a shared experience, as subscribers and fans will be able to watch and interact with you real time! Not only will you be able to interact with your community real time, but live streaming can also be a faster and more spontaneous way for you to release your content! On days where you may want to skip the whole cutting and editing phase, mobile live streaming will be the solution.

Channels that stream on a weekly basis or more have seen a 40% increase in subscriptions and 70% in their channels watch time! More often than not, live streams are watched more than other uploads.

This new introduction can be seen as YouTube’s move to encourage its creators to create even more content for the platform, and perhaps eliminate creators’ needs to use other platforms which provide real time interaction such as Snapchat and Instagram’s live feature.