Music comes to life in Germany, Austria and Switzerland after years of legal squabbling. YouTube and GEMA stroke a deal and now music fans can listen to their favourite music and watch music videos from around the globe. Read more on YouTube’s official blog. Some videos that are not included in GEMA's represented repertoire will still not be available to watch but this agreement is a huge leap after 7 years of blocked content. German fans have already flowed popular music YouTube videos with comments, likes and of course rejoiced by sharing their top favourite songs on all social media platforms, websites and blogs using the hashtag #YTMehrMusik.

But what does this landmark agreement mean for your music content?


The section Music on Trending and Popular On YouTube Germany/Austria/Switzerland are now available.

The music on YouTube in Germany, Austria and Switzerland brings the three territories to the top of the list with Developing Countries of the global Digital Music Market.

Your music content (partner uploaded and UGC) can know be activated for monetisation in these three territories (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and of course, now new and existing fans of your music can watch your videos.

All brands/creators/labels and artists may now reach out to music fans of these territories through YouTube advertisement.





Some quick tips to make your videos easily discoverable:

● Optimise your content (tags, translations, captions) for your German - speaking friends

● Welcome your existing and new fans on all your SoM using the #YTMehrMusik.

● Create ad campaigns welcoming German fans to watch your latest hits.

● Customise the sections of your channel and make playlists with the videos that have more traffic from your German/Austrian and Swiss fans.


It is likely that you should expect a steep increase in views, watch time, earnings and sales during the next 6 months, that will be connected to the availability of your music in these three territories