As they say…”Everything starts from within”. Well the same applies when it comes to promoting your videos. Before you start cross promoting your content across other social media platforms, check out the goodies available within your actual channel. 
Let’s get started shall we…

Featured content: This allows you to automatically feature your most recent upload across all your uploaded videos with one click. If you’re feeling some sort of favouritism towards your other videos, you also have the option of featuring a specific video or playlist. 


Branding watermark: This feature on the otherhand allows you to embed your logo on all your videos. Once you upload your logo, viewers will be able to see it at the bottom right of your video and a call to action to subscribe will appear everytime they hover over it (unless they’ve already subscribed of course. In that case, viewers will be exposed to your logo which will act as extra branding throughout your video. 

Custom thumbnails: Along with your title, thumbnails will influence whether potential viewers will click on your video or ignore it. Custom thumbanils act as mini posters for your content and are a vital part of your branding.

Have you been taking advantage of these features?