Where do you watch your videos from? Laptops, tablets, TVs, smartphones? Mobile devices in general? Well then if that's the case you may have seen that some videos are not responsive or haven’t been optimized for viewers who watch on mobile.

It is important to have mobile optimized videos, for your subscribers and viewers who are on the go and want to watch your content from any device other than their laptop or desktop.

You’ll want to understand how much of your traffic actually comes from mobile devices. You can check that out from your analytics page (hint: if you see that you have increased traffic from mobile, make sure your thumbnails are clear enough to be visible on different screen sizes).

To further enhance your mobile strategy YouTube has introduced the Creator Studio app which allows you to edit your videos tags and description as well as change your video privacy settings even if you do not have access to your laptop or desktop. You can also use the app to instantly respond to comments as well as track your analytics.

Lastly, something you've probably noticed yourself; annotations are not visible on mobile. This is another reason to use interactive cards and in-video programming as you maximize the actions taken by viewers even through mobile.  

On mobile YouTube cards will not appear within the video. The icon will still appear on the top right of the video player, but the actual cards will appear at the bottom of the video

It's incredibly important to give viewers an equally smashing experience while watching across any mobile device!