What is the first thing your viewers see when they enter your channel? 

If it is not your trailer, then you need to reconsider it. Create an engaging trailer that will quickly grab you viewers’ attention. Why? Simply because your potential subscribers' first impression will probably be based on your trailer.

As it starts playing automatically it has to capture the viewers' attention from the first few seconds. Remember, it’s all about pitching and persuading your first-time viewers to subscribe.

Once you’ve turned your first time viewers into subscribers you will be able to select a different video for them to see through YouTube’s returning subscriber feature.

This feature gives you the option of selecting different trailers for your subscribers and your channel visitors who are not your subscribers...yet.

Here's how we suggest you go about it:

For new visitors: Here's where you play the big card. You want to feature a channel trailer which briefly shows them what they can expect from your channel. The aim is to entice them enough so that they subscribe after watching the trailer.

For returning subscribers: For those who have already subscribed (and those who subscribed after watching your super trailer) you can choose to show them your recent upload, or any other video you have uploaded that you want to highlight.

Your viewers will no longer see the same channel trailer twice!